this is the most important thing on the internet today

please explain this

holy shit

What apps are ppl using now? FaceQ only offers so much fun.


Marpo Point, Japan

National Geographic | April 1945

love the new pictures that you get while a show is loading, really wanted to see bear grylls drinking water out of an elephant shit for 15 seconds thanks netflix


Cécile, the main character of an upcoming short comic (watercolors, colored pencils, Photoshop)

Please check out my illustration portfolio here: http://danalekim.com

And my Instagram for doodles, sketches and other fun stuff! http://instagram.com/gojiramusume

Thank you <3


if u were born in the 80s ur hella cool. if u were born in the 90s ur still cool but not as cool. if u were born in the 00s what the fuck are u doing on my blog please leave.

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