Thanks anons for those answers god bless u

bed sheet ghosts with the eyes cut out

Honestly this is about the limits my costume making reaches

i could imagine you as a werewolf but one that's like wearing lipstick or something


I’ll trade 5000 of my shit followers for 5 that actually interact with me

In the spirit of Halloween, what type of monster could you see me as?

I got a lot of feelings about that gif like why they suddenly able to hold it with two hands when it’s got the spout at the top but not when it’s at the bottom? Why do they pour orange juice so aggressively, what happened in their life???



Your life has been a lie. [video]

what the WHAT???

Or just don’t tip it so far forward the regular way?? Who needs orange juice that urgently chill out

Anon who was bragging bout their huge dick why you not submitted a picture yet come on bro

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