I’ve never identified with a gif more

Season 4, Episode 3: How to destroy a character in one scene

yo tag your game of thrones shit please i don’t care if you think a scene or screenshot is insignificant, it only aired a few hours ago don’t be a knob



I was wondering if your followers could help me with something.

My niece is 5 years old and for reasons I will not be talking about online without her mother’s consent even on anon, her father is not in her life. She is now in school and is very self-conscious about not having a father. The…

Adventure Time, Avatar: the last airbender, My Little Pony…

Fosters home for imaginary friends maybe?



what would you do if you were laying the stroke on your girl and a nigga ran up in your house and tickled that asshole of yours

This might be the funniest thing ever

The fucking caption man


Can I offer you a nice egg in this trying holiday?

Waking up at 7:20am on my birthday, is this a sick joke???

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