i don’t get to see enough boy butts, it’s 98% girl butts that end up on my dash and while i love girl butts i feel like nb and boy butts need to be in my life more

i got a head rush doing this

Elliott you always have awesome pants. Plus you got a good butt in the pants too. A+ butt.

mademoisellemigraine tagged me so here goes

Name: Greg

Nickname: I don’t have a nickname people just call me Greg

Birthday: April 21

Gender: I am a boy

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Dear Blogger,

Please may I see your butt?

Yours sincerely,


8 minutes until c9 vs tsm fuck yeah

In 2009, Pratt was cast on Parks and Rec for a six-episode arc as the oafish boyfriend of Rashida Jones’ character. That soon changed. “Almost at the point of the audition we were like, ‘Oh, we have to reconceive this, because this guy’s the funniest person we’ve ever seen. We’re not letting that guy go,” says series co-creator Michael Schur - Entertainment Weekly
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