Happy birthday to you cutie! Hope you have an awesome day and get all the pentakills! :3 xoxoxo

A birthday penta would be rad. Maybe I’ll play some ARAM games and try! Knowing my luck I’d just keep getting singed and Ali though!

Thank you :)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO A SWELL SWELL GUY. You are great, I hope this day is also great.

Aw thank you ☺

Happy Birthday :) xo

Thank you :)


Drive | Nicolas Winding Refn | 2011

"You know the story about the scorpion and the frog?"

happy birthday dude

Cheers dude, appreciated :)

Wait is today your birthday omg happy birthday

Yeah 4/21 so close to almost being a cool date!

Thank you :)!

happy birthday!!! may all your birthday wishes come true

Thank you!!

I can’t tell you what I’ve wished for or it won’t come true but I hope it comes true too!


dj-slug got me polar bear stickers and a muffin tray and thistimeismine got me a bath pillow so tomorrow is going to be very relaxing

Thank you!!


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