halfboyhiccup it’s been 1mb for 500px gifs and 2mb for <400px gifs for months now where have you been?

Remember when the gif file size limit was 500kb? Those were dark days.

Tumblr still needs to up it to 5mb in my opinion.




I gotta find a kinkster who wants to buy a fat dude gifts in exchange for nudes

why are people who use the term slut shaming idiots

Because you’re saying “don’t shame someone for being a slut” and you’re therefore calling those people sluts without their permission.

Just because you personally have reclaimed a word or don’t think it’s a slur doesn’t mean other people agree and you shouldn’t label them with it until you know how they feel about it.

Slut shame is an unneeded term, sex shame works perfectly in its place. Or you could just say “don’t be a misogynist” which is what it boils down to.


I love Iggy Azalea

Omfg the comment

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