This dog had to go into the animal hospital because it ate 12 pot brownies

i like to smoke weed but i would never try cannabis lol that stuff gets you addicted!

weed <3

hahaha smoke weed erryday ! :) :3 


people who smoke weed so dumb pot heads :) 

they try tell me its not harmful but umm there reasearch that show it kill your brains cells when you smoke it so if you keep smoke it then of course more brain cells die so you end up no brain left that when you die :) it also make y our lung very black and hard to breathe and you get cancer of lungs and also die that way…

read some research you stupid hippys before you kill yourself





What’s the best way to smoke hash?

The only way I’ve done it is hot knives / burning it then putting a glass over it and sucking out the smoke using a bendy straw.

I love the second method but I was wondering if there’s a better way to not be so wasteful?

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